Smart compacter in action

Universal Refuse container

Based in the Netherlands, Keywaste BV develops products for the waste industry. Keywaste BV has developed several systems for the efficient compaction of plastic waste, cardboard packaging, cans and other refuse.
Environmentally-friendly compaction systems have been developed specifically for the collection of containerized waste in various volumes which decreases the number of times the container must be emptied by the indicated factor and thereby drastically reduce CO2 emissions.
Fewer trips to empty the containers mean less pavement wear and disruptions to local residents.
Our compaction systems work electro-mechanically and operate on 24 volts DC.
The integrated batteries ensure trouble-free operation and can be charged, for example, overnight by connecting the system to the regular mains for street lighting (220 Volts f.e.).
To protect the environment, charging can also take place using solar panels.

The units can be equipped with an optional card-activated access system.
The compaction frequency, container fill-level and battery voltage can be read-out. This information can also be delivered remotely via SMS or the internet.

User Interface for Plastics Unit

  • Waste deposit unit with 60 litre stainless steel drum
  • For safety reasons, the width of the drum opening is limited to 35X40 centimetre.
  • The waste deposit drum is electromagnetically locked during processing
  • LED indicator when "operational"
  • LED indicator when "processing"
  • LED indicator when "full"
  • Drum lock cycle time +/- 5 to 8 seconds
  • Optional mechanical drum locking, for example, during festivities, etc.

Technical details:
  • We have currently delivered several units that are equipped as follows:
  • 5m3 hook container (one, two or three hooks)
  • Patented, variable pressure Compaction System , therefore programmable weight !
  • Adjustable compaction ratio from 4-8
  • Additional cycle for emptying the container
  • Low -maintenance design
  • Waste deposit unit and compaction unit can be efficiently exchanged on-site
  • Safe 24 volt power supply

Of course we can also deliver for your specific needs!